Giving Your Child the World

As a mom (and dad), you want to give your child the world. I’ve never let autism define my child or set limits on what Carter can or cannot do. When Carter said last year he wanted to be a doctor, I told him he could be a doctor or whatever he wanted to be when he grows up. When he said he wanted to be a teacher, I told him to go for it. He loves music, and he sings at church. He knows about every Christian artist we listen to on the radio, so he asked me a few weeks ago if he could be a radio announcer. I told him he would be great at that too. He then said “Mama, I think I’m ready for that now. Can you take me to do that now?!” 😂

Well, a week ago he told me he wanted to write his 2 favorite singers a letter…Ledger and Crowder. So tonight he sat down and wrote Ledger a letter. He was giggling and so excited to write her a letter. I left him alone to write the letter. I went and got Jeremy, and we sat on the stairs watching him write. I had tears in my eyes watching him. I love his heart. We both said how blessed we are to have him as our son. I can’t believe his independence now. Here is his letter. He kept it short and sweet…

He spelled every word by himself, and I was so impressed by his handwriting too!

This Mama is going to try to find a way to get this short and simple letter to Ledger. This is part of giving my baby the world, and if he wants to send his favorite music artist a letter, I’m going to make it happen. I say dream big. She may never respond back to him, but I’m not going to tell him he can’t writer her a letter or that she may never get it. Who knows, she may read it and write back to him. 😊

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