Writing a Letter to Crowder

I shared in my last post Giving Your Child the World about Carter wanting to write his 2 favorite music artists a letter. He wrote Ledger a letter Saturday, so tonight he wanted to write Crowder a letter. This Mama is going to try really hard to get these letters to Crowder and Ledger.

He kept this one short and sweet too. 😍 He has loved Crowder for a while now. Crowder is all he wants to listen to in his Daddy’s truck because his Daddy bought him the CD. A Crowder song called “Come As You Are” was one of the first songs he sang when he was 5 years old. This was when we realized he not only loved music but loved to sing and knew the words to most songs as well.

I found this video of him singing that song on his 5th birthday trip to Pigeon Forge. Yes we carried his toy microphone along on this trip with us. 😂

It is amazing to see the work God is doing in our sweet little boy. I love his sweet heart and the joy he brings to people. 😊

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